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Azuredzua - Kualiti, Jimat, Trendy
Our Story

Wardrobe2u - Baju Kurung Moden & Baju Raya 2020 is a local fashion label launched on 25 March 2010, endowed by prodigious women.

Azura shares common interest in FASHION.

Starting from March 2018, We are rebranding our brand to Azuredzua. I’m sure you wanna know WHY? 
Lots of things are going on over here. If you’ve made a purchase recently, you’ll notice that we’ve unveiled a new look. We’ve been working on re-branding for more than 2 years — which seems crazy — but we’ve been waiting for just the right thing & time. After about 5 completely designation based on WHAT YOU LOVE RECENTLY, we’ve finally found the one We love and hope you like it too.

What’s coming is BETTER than what is gone. We were sad to see some of the bright colors go, but happy to see a newer refined logo. Rest assured, you can still see hints of the color in the product label and title, and the products are just as carefully crafted as they always have been. In fact, some are even better, including our new version of the Azuredzua RTW.

We spend our time curating a timeless collection of key pieces to bring you demure look, feminine touches, simplicity and glamour. You can feast your eyes on the wonderful our desiger fashion pieces and be mesmerized with it.

The Azuredzua collection unfolds the synergy of exquisiteness and ethereal designs which are perfect to flaunt to special occasions with style.

Thank you for your support and commitment as we continue to evolve and grow.



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